Alterations, repairs and reconditioning

If you have a piece of jewellery that you do not wear because it does not suit your style, is too big or small, is broken or damaged, or simply needs a professional polish and clean, we can help you!

If you are unsure if the pieces you have are even salvageable, please do bring them in. We will give you our honest and professional opinion, even if this means that we decide not to do any work on the piece due to the risks or costs involved.

For your peace of mind…

Altin Jewellers has a fully equipped workshop on site. When you leave your precious items with us for alterations, repairs or reconditioning, it does not leave the shop premises. We also pride ourselves in quick turnaround times for repairs, and will always return your jewellery to you quickly and looking like new.

Our service to you

Any item made or bought at Altin Jewellers can be brought in during workshop hours (weekdays between 9h00 and 17h00) for a quick steam clean free of charge.

For new Altin wedding rings, the first polish and Rhodium plating will also be free of charge, to make sure that your rings sparkle for the camera on your big day!


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